Tuning fork body

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Bespoke body care that has become unified and simplified for various body care.


We ask you about your worries, physical condition, and requests, and customize it to suit each and every one of you.
Body care that achieves tuning, healing, sinking, and loosening at once.
Basically, we use a tuning fork, but if
you have a desired treatment, please let us know at the time of booking.


[施術内容:音叉ボディトーニング /  経絡経穴音叉 / オイルトリートメント / 揉みほぐし / 部分トークセン / ヒーリング]


– Tuning fork body toning, meridian hole tuning fork
I use a plurality of tuning forks such as medical tuning fork, the circulation system tuning fork, and the f
requency of the earth to match the symptoms.
It is arranged in the cell unit while sounding carefully.
The metabolism of the whole body improves, and it works on the immune system and the nervous system.
The circulation of Ki is well-organized, and the natural healing power is increased, and health maintenance is promoted.


Oil Treatment
It directly loosens the coli and promotes the flow of lymph.
If you have old emotions that have accumulated in your body, you can support releases.
While supplementing the moisture in the body, it is healed plenty by the warmth of the hand.


Part Talksen (Thai Type Mallet Therapy)
Traditional therapy made of lightning-struck wood in northern Thailand for more than 800 years.
The coli is loosened directly from the inside of the body.The healing effect of the sound of the tree is distinguished, too.
It is incorporated into the treatment by use to a specific part.


*Click here for <鈴空デラックス> special course for body and facial.


You can choose from the left to the therapist hope with hope and oil without oil
No oil… Tuning + rubbing loosening main with the whole body ta-full tuning fork from the top of the clothes
Oil available… The time of the tuning fork is shortened, and the oil treatment is positive, too.
Leave it to the therapist… The therapist decides by touching the body.